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Successful sales teams rely on specialized training to maintain optimal performance. Our onboarding and ongoing training programs will equip your team with the knowledge and skills to consistently perform at the highest level.

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We’ve aligned our training offerings with both project phases and roles, and can also design a custom training program based on your specific needs. A combination of home study, in-classroom education, and on-the-job training ensures your team members receive training that’s essential to their individual roles and capabilities.

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As your main point of interaction with physicians and other healthcare professionals, it’s imperative that sales reps develop the knowledge and skills to perform strategically and with confidence. They need to understand the business of medicine and the mind-set of their customers in order to provide greater value and make an impact. Our training programs take all of these aspects into account.

Certified Medical Representative
Alygnment Selling Model
DiSC® Communication Model

The goal is to build a “coaching culture” with a focus on engagement and business acumen, so managers must possess a combination of personal and selling skills, product and therapeutic area knowledge, and a solid grasp of the competitive landscape. This broad base of capabilities is supported by the training programs we’ve designed specifically for managers.

Certified Medical Representative
DiSC® Management Strategies
Situational Leadership
Leadership Challenge

Participants will learn essential leadership strategies that focus on improving management, communication, and personal skills. They’ll apply leadership principles to their day-to-day work, strengthening their ability to adapt and develop strong relationships.

Individualized Learning Plan
Certified Medical Representative

Project Phases


Crucial to a successful launch, training in this phase ensures the sales team possesses a solid foundation from which to develop a comprehensive understanding of their product, therapeutic area, and selling landscape. Self-study is a large portion of pre-launch training.

Training in this phase focuses on the transfer and application of knowledge and the refinement of sales skills and techniques. The team must be capable of connecting with their audience, building credibility, and presenting a persuasive value proposition. A more formal, classroom approach to training occurs in this phase.

The culmination of the prior phases, the post-launch phase is ongoing. Best practices are established and used to refine tools and techniques, while individualized learning plans are created to develop personal skills and behaviors. Team-building activities also occur regularly. Programs in this phase can be considered on-the-job.

Training Services

Specialized Training Programs

Can be flexible and customizable
  • Launch planning
  • New hire and sustainability training
  • Therapeutic area and product training
  • Selling skills
  • Brand workshops
  • Certifications
  • Learning modules and assessments

Contract Sales Trainers

Pharma selling experts and experienced facilitators, our contract sales trainers play an integral role within sales teams beginning in phase 1. They’re uniquely qualified to teach successful selling techniques and provide valuable insights from the field.

Contract sales trainer qualifications
  • Graduate degree
  • Field sales experience in therapeutic area
  • Relevant certifications
  • Extensive training/coaching experience

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