Amy Peek

Executive Director, Talent Management and Growth

Meet Amy

Name of your autobiography (or title of your movie):

“Always Striving for the Highest ‘Peek’”

If you could live anywhere, it would be…:

I would definitely choose the mountains and, more specifically, Highlands, North Carolina. It is such a quaint, beautiful town nestled in the mountains with so much culture.

Your life’s motto:

“See them, talk to them.” In other words, I never meet a stranger. It’s true!

Your dream job:

My current job, of course, but I really think I missed my calling as a country music star!

Your favorite childhood memory:

Spending 2 weeks every summer with a group of people from all over the Southeast. We would all meet at the same place at the same time every year.

Amy has 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with a diverse background including sales, sales leadership, recruiting, account management, and co-employment partnerships. Previously, she worked at inVentiv Health, partnering with many companies such as Sanofi-Aventis and Mission Pharmacal. Amy joined the Alamo Pharma Services team in 2011. She is responsible for talent management, co-employment partnerships, and employee engagement and retention; she also serves as a liaison to human resources. Prior to entering the pharmaceutical industry, Amy spent 8 years in various leadership roles in human resources.