Recruitment Services

Recruiting for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries is complex, which is why you need an experienced partner and innovative techniques to build a successful sales team.

The employment landscape is constantly evolving. A multigenerational candidate pool requires multiple strategies, and an increasingly specialized market means larger investments in training. Casting a wide net won’t always yield the best candidates; a targeted approach focusing on your specific needs is a better solution.

Our experience, combined with our extensive recruiting network and real-time market intelligence, gives us the ability to identify the most suitable reps and determine what will attract them. Together we will develop compensation packages and career paths that candidates desire—whether they’re direct-hire or contract.

Our Approach


Collaboration is at the foundation of our recruitment process because we want to help you establish a close-knit and highly effective sales team. Together we’ll define your company culture and identify your position in the marketplace, then we’ll create a hiring profile outlining the hard and soft skills of your ideal candidate. To ensure the best fit, our process includes comprehensive behavioral and personality assessments.


Compensation and benefits are an important part of the package, but not the only factor candidates consider. Our unique hiring process positions them for success, and our emerging small- and mid-size clients, along with the larger firms we serve, offer dynamic work environments and excellent opportunities for career advancement.

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  • Flexible and agile structure, including mobile capabilities
  • Comprehensive candidate evaluation process
  • Scientifically developed behavioral and personality assessments
  • Powerful applicant tracking system
  • Access to a large pool of both active and passive candidates
  • In-depth market studies and competitive analysis (SWOT)
  • Data collection, reporting, and analysis

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